The first videos for Twist and Turn were posted before the 2018 showcase featuring Erin Caldwell who had already been in the recording studio to record ‘Should I Stay?’ and ‘Go Go Ah Ah’ with both videos having now been viewed over 50,000 times each. 

The style created for the videos (and also featuring Erin in photoshoots at the time) was inspired by steampunk, which has been mirrored in the subsequent characters of Annie and The Faery King created by Vincent Danks in his illustrations for the graphic novel.

As each chapter of the graphic novel has been completed, the illustrations have been used in several YouTube videos accompanied by current songs from the updated version of Twist and Turn. It’s important to stress that the illustrations were created specifically for the graphic novel and not for the videos, which is why some pages – specifically those featuring song lyrics – do not appear in the videos as complete panels. They’ve been cut up a bit!

If you watch the numbered videos in order, then you will effectively be seeing the pages in the same sequence as the graphic novel and be able to follow the story.

Scroll down to watch videos featuring the graphic novel pages as well as ‘Start Again’ by Donna Hazelton and David Paterson which reached #1 in 2021 on the Hits You Love chart in Chicago USA and ‘Should I Stay?’ by Erin Caldwell from 2018


Twist & Turn - The Musical Part 1

Robbie World Champion
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Twist & Turn - The Musical Part 2

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Twist & Turn - The Musical Part 3

Way Back When
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Twist & Turn - The Musical Part 4

The Song That You Sing
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Twist & Turn - The Musical Part 5

Will The Tail Lights Burn
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Twist & Turn - The Musical Part 6

I'm No Prodigal Son
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Twist & Turn - The Musical Part 7

creative team
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TWIST & TURN - start again

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Twist & turn - should i stay?

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