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If it’s possible to take any positives from the Covid19 pandemic, it was the need to ‘think outside the box’ following the successful showcase production of Twist and Turn – The Musical on stage at The Other Palace theatre in October 2018.

Under any other circumstances, there would have been re-writes and a further theatrical production. The pandemic meant this was not possible and instead led to some creative thinking, and the idea was born of telling the story through the pages of a graphic novel, which is available in print or digital format 

What you'll find in the graphic novel

You can read and enjoy the graphic novel of Twist and Turn as a stand alone story, with some pages reproducing the lyrics of the current (and a few legacy) songs.

You can also listen to the songs from the updated (2021) version of Twist and Turn as mp3 downloads or on YouTube at the appropriate points in the story. The music is also available on CD.

For the full Twist and Turn experience, listen to the podcasts which provide backstories for the main characters featured in the graphic novel  

FREE graphic novel PREVIEW

All the illustrations included on this site are from the graphic novel, and as you can see, the quality of work by illustrator Vincent Danks is fantastic. 

Vincent based the illustrations on the text provided by Tony Gibbs and brought the story of Twist and Turn to life.

If you’re thinking about downloading the full graphic novel or getting a copy in print, you can see more first by downloading a free preview with the first 18 pages of the graphic novel available now. 

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Vincent danks

Vincent was born in 1961 in Nakuru, Kenya and has always been annoyed at having been brought back to England by his parents when he was eighteen months old as it’s a lot colder in England and he doesn’t like the cold.

Having then been brought north to York when he was twelve (where it was even colder) things at least looked pretty and the gothic surroundings have clearly had an untoward influence on him.

His early artistic career began when he was commissioned to draw Doctor Who and Torchwood comics for the Marvel Comics Group. Further comics’ work culminated in his own creation, ‘Sapphire’, the co-creation of ‘Harker’ and ‘Gravestown’ with Roger Gibson, and of course, his collaboration with Tony Gibbs on Twist and Turn.

Drawing sometimes on reality, and sometimes on fiction, Vincent’s work is populated by larger than life characters from both history and imagination. As with comics, his aim is to tell the story and to create an emotional connection between the viewer and the characters.

As you can see, with such an eye for detail, every panel on every page, is a work of art.

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