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Welcome to the official site for Twist and Turn which started life as a musical with the traditional format of a theatrical production with songs, and has developed into a unique hybrid of graphic novel, rock music, and podcasts in response to the pandemic of 2020.

Twist and Turn is an exciting modern fantasy drama set on the Isle of Man leading up to the annual festival of TT races, which celebrate the very best of motorbike road racing.

World Superbike champion and Manxman Robbie Skelton returns to the island following an absence of six years. His arrival opens deep wounds within his family as well as causing conflict among his old school friends. 

Robbie learns that his sister Charley is entering a team to take part in the upcoming TT which is when he will also be taking part, creating further tensions within the family. As a self-centred womaniser, it comes as no surprise to find that Robbie starts an affair with Melanie, the wife of a local politician, who soon decides to leave her husband Gordon, whose mistress is Jen: Robbie’s former girlfriend.

In the traditionally male world of motorbike racing, Charley forms an alliance with a mysterious woman called Annie, who unusually is a world famous motorbike designer. 

The plot centres on the conflict and relationships reaching breaking point between the central characters, with payback uppermost in the mind of Robbie’s sister and former girlfriend, as well as the subplot of how the mythology of the Isle of Man is brought to life by the all knowing King of the Faeries, whose plans for everyone seem destined to prevent an all female team from succeeding at the TT.

The closer we get to the TT races, tensions between the characters increase as the island starts to rock to the sound of motorbikes thundering along the roads.

This is a story full of twists and turns to keep you guessing until the final spectacular outcome with a soundtrack of fantastic rock songs and ballads that have been receiving lots of success and praise on radio stations around the world.

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